Aspen Snow-Cool Pads

The Coolest Cooler Pad

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  • 7% Cooler Air
  • Fewer Pump & Water Flow Problems
  • Quickest Cool Air Delivery
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Fewer Roof Trips

U.S. Patent No. 6,183,579 B1TM


  • Aspen wood excelsior
  • Natural wood color and free of objectionable odor
  • Curled & barbed in cutting for added water holding capacity
  • Mechanical layering into uniformly thick & dense mats

Pad Netting, Stitching & Structure

  • Biodegradable stitching securing mat to netting
  • Stitching penetrates matting, secures netting to stabilize and unitize the construction and eliminate sagging
  • Each stitching seam runs the entire length of the pad
  • Stitching seams spaced every 2″ across the pad width
  • Stitching will penetrate the pad, securing the net surfaces every 4″ to create a quilt-like saturation system
  • Pad ends adhesively sealed with enough netting to contain loose fibers

Finishing Requirements

  • Stated pad dimensions shall be absolute minimum sizes
  • 5% enlargement above stated pad dimensions is acceptable!

Aspen Snow-Cool™ pads have been known for years as the finest in the market. Still, we knew we could do better. Cooler pads hold water, but any material that doesn’t absorb water reduces overall cooling efficiency.

  • We created the Premier Pad by starting with our pure Aspen excelsior. The open cellular structure of this excelsior allows our Premier Pad to hold more water. The result? More evaporative wicking area per square inch than any other evaporative cooler pad.
  • We added Grid-Flo™ stitching, our exclusive all-natural biodegradable thread, that creates the most even flow of water throughout the pad surface. Special stitching creates fiber-stabilizing grids, which prevent hot spots that cost extra money to cool. Grid-Flo™ stitching also eliminates pad sagging that makes evaporative coolers inefficient. And, this new stitching requires fewer roof trips by reducing the debris that clogs pumps and filters.
  • Best of all, Uni-Pad™ construction wets out the pad in a rapid and uniform pattern, making rooms cool quickly.

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